Classical physician and patient communication

Physician and pharmacists communication for infant nutrition

Client Milupa

Over the past 20 years, Next was a reliable communication partner and successfully supported 12 product launches and re-launches, developing adequate strategies and concepts and implementing the relevant measures. We know and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Our clients rely on us as a challenging partner from which they expect new inputs, with a view to communicate in an efficient and sustainable way on important matters, to assist healthcare professionals and to facilitate their work with patients. Clients know that the can rely on our full service policy, saving time and resources.

Our work received distinctions like «Worldwide best Product Launch», «Second best Product Launch in Company History» and «Most successful re-launch in Company History». But we would like to precise, that excellent outcome is always teamwork where the client with his courage and innovational spirit is the key player.

In compliance with legal requirements we are not allowed to show samples within the Rx range. If you would like to get additional information, please contact us.

Multi-channel communication

Corporate communication and building up of an interdisciplinary platform for Sarkoma-Experts

Client Pharmamar

Multi-media awareness-raising campaign with website and eLearning

Indication area Hypertension Client Novartis Pharma Schweiz

In the healthcare sector just as in other sectors, communication needs various complementary channels. Next develops comprehensive multi-channel communication solutions with a view to answering the needs of the target audience. These solutions may include e.g. eLearning platforms, websites dedicated to the exchange of information between professionals or accessible to the general public to provide important information, for example prevention methods, to patients and anyone interested.

We develop content for iPad applications and also imagine for our clients, in collaboration with our external specialists, adequate iPad solutions.

Together with external experts, Next designs and realises complete Apps in consideration of the current legal applications. These solutions are developed as well with physicians and other healthcare professionals so as to maximize use and to ensure patients an optimal and practical application.

Next is a member of the interest group IG eHealth Schweiz.

Corporate communication for a global new structure

Client Baxter AG and Baxalta Schweiz AG

Corporate communication with website

Client MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme

Design, production, editorial content on health topics

in the NZZ am Sonntag Client World Demographic & Ageing Forum, St. Gallen

Member of the Commission for the Development of the National Palliative Strategy

Design and production of the information brochure for Palliative Care Client Federal Department of Home Affairs

Public Relations & Public Affairs

zeck-o-schreck TBE Prevention and Awareness Campaign

Concept and execution during five years of a national prevention and awareness campaign about tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) Media relations in national print media, local radio- and tv-stations. Client Baxter and Novartis

Next has contributed to increasing the awareness of various healthcare companies among the general public over the past 20 years. We advise our clients on the opportunities and limits of public relation activities, organize and implement press conferences, podiums, workshops.

Max Winiger was a member of the working group set up by the Federal Council to develop the national palliative strategy. We advised the Association for kidney transplant patients (Verband der Nierentransplantierten) regarding the Swiss Transplantation Act. Since 2005 – except for a three-year break – we provide support to the ETH Zurich’s Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research (KOF) for the drafting of the Forecast for Health Care Expenditures and looked for and found adequate new sponsors following the withdrawal of the main sponsor.

We are aware that PR is in no way an affordable alternative to advertising, but that public relation activities need to be incorporated in a well thought-out overall concept. This is why Next does not publish articles but communicates on a theme. With credibility and over the long term.

Max Winiger is a trained journalist. He worked for the largest newspapers and magazines in German-speaking Switzerland, was a member of the Chief editorial team of the major bilingual Swiss weekly newspaper, Editor in chief of the youth magazine Dialog and Redactor at the Swiss Radio SRF. He is today a member of the Swiss Public Affairs Society (Schweizer Public Affairs Gesellschaft SPAG).